A Proper Filter Is Vital for Commercial HVAC System Operation

A Proper Filter Is Vital for Commercial HVAC System Operation

A properly fitted HVAC filter is vital to stopping mold spores and dust particles in the air and improving air quality. Campbell uses the standard MERV8 filter to optimize commercial HVAC equipment performance.

What Do I Do With R-22 Commercial HVAC Equipment?

We outline 3 options for commercial and industrial building owners so they can meet the Department of Energy 2023 standards. While R-22 is no longer being produced, there are still commercial HVAC units that are serviced, using recycled or reclaimed R-22.

How Does Humidity Control Affect My Health?

Humidity control is crucial to indoor air quality and individual health. We detail relative humidity, humidity levels, and percentages to make sure your commercial building is operating at its optimal level.

Budget for Commercial HVAC Replacement

To maximize your HVAC equipment you need to budget for replacement parts and equipment pieces. We will determine the variables affecting the life expectancy of your equipment and make suggestions to save you money.

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A history of deferred maintenance could take the wind out of improved ventilationstrategies Our ventilation systems are under stress. Facility managers are also under stress,...


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The Ohio BWC has expanded the School Safety and Security Grant (SSSG) to help cover the costs of improvements to heating, ventilation and air conditioning...


Demystifying Electric Bills: 3 Things to Look for that may Impact your Bill

Three Reasons Your Utility Bills Are Inaccurate. Are you sure, you are not overpaying for your utilities? Every month, you pay a few hundred (or...