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We hope that you and your families are safe and well as we work through this unprecedented time.

As the novel coronavirus (now called COVID-19) continues to spread both in Ohio and around the world, we are closely monitoring the rapidly evolving situation and following guidance from the leading government and health authorities to make informed decisions for Campbell and our customers.

Our primary objective is to protect our employees, vendors, customers and the communities where we live and operate. We are committed to being prepared and acting in a way that supports exceptional care for our people and those we serve.

Through this time we are here to provide the same high quality service you are used to with the additional precautionary measures of social distancing. Please see our standard procedures as they continue here:

We will continue to provide the solutions to keep your systems running efficiently and sustainably. Should your hours of business operation change or you need to temporarily cease operations, we will work with you to reschedule your maintenance inspection and to ensure your equipment is ready for the summer months.

Non Medical Environments: Here is how we are working with you on scheduled maintenance:

1) We will call to confirm our appointment and proceed as is reasonable.
2) If you want to postpone your appointment, please call us and we will reschedule or we will discuss when we call for confirmation.

*Note that we are willing to work during non-standard hours to accommodate social distancing

Medical Environments: In the case of medical facilities, many of you are increasing your need for support. Know that we are trained and used to working in these facilities.

All Environments: We are here to help you not matter the situation. We are still on-call and will respond to your needs as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in any of our pandemic procedures or workplace safety documents, please contact Karis Williams: 1-419-574-0228 or KarisW@campbellinc.com

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