COVID Safety and All Season Air Quality In Schools

Maintaining indoor air quality and decreasing COVID risk is a concern whether a furnace or an air conditioning unit is activated. No matter the season, Campbell has a solution to filter indoor air. For years, Campbell has been installing a Global Plasma Solution (GPS) system for our customers and many schools.

The GPS system uses an ionization treatment to clean the air of mold, viruses and bacteria. Positive and negative ions interact with pathogens by forming Hydroxyls (creating larger molecules) that rob mold, viruses or bacteria of the hydrogen necessary for survival. 

The GPS system attaches to an existing HVAC unit. Not only can you have confidence in the GPS system proactively decreasing the risk of COVID and save money with a retrofit; but you can also take advantage of a tax benefit under the ESSER fund which has an extended deadline to Sept 30. 2022.

If you are interested in learning more about how to keep your air clean join us for our Webinar on GPS Installation and how it Works on December 9th.

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Further, Campbell offers consortium pricing for groups. Most recently we have installed GPS systems in Perrysburg and Eastwood schools and Bowling Green State University. 

Campbell is ready to integrate a GPS system into your existing HVAC system. We pride ourselves in being a long term partner for our customers by providing preventative maintenance to optimize system performance and reduce costs, and we are ready to help you implement a COVID safety plan with our GPS solution.