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As your HVAC mechanical contractor, we want to you to understand your HVAC system and answer your HVAC and mechanical services questions. If you have a building or systems concern that is not addressed below, give us a call at 800.HVAC.911.

If you have commercial HVAC equipment that uses R-22, you have three options:

  • You can replace outdated equipment
  • You can retrofit your existing system to use different refrigerant
  • You can use your equipment until it is obsolete

We are your R-22 and refrigerants experts, and we work with you so you can meet the Department of Energy 2023 standards. We explain more about R-22 options in this video.


R-410a refrigerant has a lower global warming potential (GWP) than R-22 but still, it needs to be reduced because it is an ozone depleting substance. Watch this video to learn how Campbell, Inc. will put a plan in place to make sure you are meeting the 2024 and 2029 reduction requirements for both refrigerants and equipment.

Check out our answers to your HFC refrigerants reduction questions on our HVAC and A2L page.

Your HVAC system may make an unusual noise, emit an unpleasant smell, or just stop working. These are HVAC emergencies. We discuss other issues that indicate an HVAC concern on our Emergency Services Page.

We consider all vital components when you are renovating a commercial or industrial building including:

  • Commercial HVAC capacity and capability
  • Adequate cubic feet per minute (CFM)
  • Recommended air change overs for renovated space which affects indoor air quality
  • Compensation for outdoor elements, diffusers

Learn why Campbell is your commercial contractor for all your commercial HVAC needs.

Campbell provides complete commercial plumbing expertise including maintenance and repairs as well as service for emergency issues. We are also experts in design build so we will guide the renovations and updates for your kitchen and bathroom spaces. We detail our complete commercial plumbing services in this video.

Campbell always designs building controls systems (BCS) and building automation systems (BAS) with the client in mind. In this video, we explain the three crucial factors we take into account when designing an open system for our commercial customers.

A properly fitted HVAC filter is vital to stopping mold spores and dust particles in the air and improving air quality. Learn why we recommend the standard MERV8 filter to optimize commercial HVAC equipment performance.

MERV filtration, when combined with needlepoint bipolar ionization technology, can improve indoor air quality by removing sub-micron particles in the air including dust, dander, viruses, and bacteria. Watch this video to understand this revolutionary technology.

When it’s time to replace your rooftop HVAC unit, there are many factors to consider beyond the type of equipment you need. Watch this video to understand how our team of engineers and technicians ensure your building’s roof has the structural integrity to handle the load of your commercial HVAC unit.

Estimates claim that energy use accounts for nearly ⅓ of a typical commercial building’s operating costs. Learn how the Campbell team will save you energy and money with our energy audit.

Our team of HVAC and energy experts have over 50 years of experience in the HVAC industry and we will implement solutions that will result in significant savings. Read how we can guarantee maximum efficiency for your building.

Using EPA’s ENERGY STAR guidelines, we’ll complete an energy audit that determines your building’s efficiency. We can estimate your energy savings and identify specific actions you can take from low cost items to larger capital investments. Our team can also recommend building automation systems (BAS) and building controls that will increase overall operating efficiency and further identify ways to optimize your energy usage and mechanical systems.

Humidity control is crucial to indoor air quality and individual health. Watch this one minute video that details how regulating relative humidity as well as humidity levels and percentages can ensure your commercial building is operating at its optimal level.

There are many components to your commercial building control systems and we ensure they are all set and operating correctly. We also offer preventative maintenance programs for your building control systems that will save you money on your utility costs. Learn how we can implement a building controls system and preventative maintenance schedule for your commercial or industrial building.

A preventative maintenance plan with Campbell lowers your building’s overall operating cost. In addition, being proactive with HVAC maintenance concerns, rather than being reactive, extends equipment life and prevents downtime. To learn more about the benefits of Campbell’s commercial HVAC preventative maintenance plans, watch this video.

We collect and measure data from your commercial building to understand your baseline. Taking that information, we implement a trusted preventative maintenance program that is specific to your commercial HVAC, cooling tower, boiler, and mechanical service needs. We consider your building use, your budget, and your system investment. Our preventative maintenance plans have been researched and fine tuned by our experts and technicians for over 50 years to save you money and prevent problems before failure.

Yes, Campbell is licensed and insured in both Ohio and Michigan. We take our HVAC mechanical contractor credentials and safety seriously. From OSHA to drug free workplace compliance, we stay up-to-date on all our industrial and commercial HVAC certifications and requirements. We will never compromise on keeping our workers safe and completing our work to the highest standards.

We offer comprehensive industrial and commercial HVAC and plumbing services including:

When it’s time for mechanical systems, control, and maintenance, the Campbell professionals work with your team to keep your operational disruptions to a minimum. We detail the steps each Campbell expert group takes when they visit your facility and what you can expect on our HVAC repairs and builds page.

Campbell has the capacity and capabilities to handle any large scale mechanical project in Ohio and Michigan. From educational campuses and multi-use convention and meeting spaces to manufacturing facilities and healthcare systems, we will design and maintain your commercial and industrial HVAC and plumbing systems specific to your needs.

You can contact us through our website or by calling us at 800.HVAC.911 for any HVAC and plumbing inquiries or quotes. As your commercial HVAC mechanical system contractor, we are ready to implement energy-saving mechanical systems, controls, and preventative maintenance programs to keep your commercial and industrial building running efficiently, while producing significant savings.

To maximize your HVAC equipment you need to budget for replacement parts and equipment pieces. We will determine the variables affecting the life expectancy of your equipment and make suggestions to save you money.

Watch this video to learn more about how our Campbell team members can solve your commercial HVAC concerns.