Funding Capital Improvements While Maintaining Your Current Municipal Budget

ABM offers a turnkey program that allows for cities to make needed capital improvements in facilities (HVAC, controls, lighting, electrical, roofing, water/wastewater improvements, etc.) with no increase to the current spending levels. 

These programs require no upfront cost while funding capital improvements through guaranteed energy and operational savings all while shifting the project risk to ABM.  A few of the funding sources utilized in our programs include but are not limited to energy savings, reduced maintenance savings, reduction in current outsourced facilities contracts, capital cost avoidance, IT costs, debt restructure, and debt wrap.

While this is a non-traditional process utilizing alternative funding, the entire process is legislatively supported by the Ohio Revised Code.

Many municipalities have taken advantage of this program to address an overburdened capital improvement plan.  As part of this educational series, ABM is willing to offer a complimentary preliminary assessment to identify the magnitude of funding that could be produced for your city or county.