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The Days of R-22 are Limited September, 14, 2017

Time is ticking away on the amount of R-22 Refrigerants readily available on the market, and within three cooling seasons, the refrigerant will only be available through reclaimers or individual inventories. While time is limited, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s…

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10 Trends for Intelligent Buildings in 2017 and Beyond August, 14, 2017

Digital Transformation and Market Evolution Building owners are realizing that the metrics they use to evaluate the assets in their portfolios are changing. Shifting customer demands, climate change mitigation and sustainability goals, power reliability and resilience concerns, and budget constraints…

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Strategic Energy Management for Long-Term Savings July, 18, 2017

The most common approach to improving energy efficiency is to concentrate on one-time solutions, such as upgrading to a more efficient lighting or heating system. This type of limited methodology puts the focus on short-term savings at the expense of…

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