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Campbell Mechanical Services – Focused On Service And Satisfaction

Fifty years ago Ken Campbell founded Campbell, Inc., a basic plumbing company
committed to serving customers with timely, quality workmanship and fair pricing.

Flash forward fifty years to 2018 and the company has expanded well past plumbing alone and
has integrated a full range of commercial facility mechanical and environmental services.
Although the company looks a lot different today than it did in 1968 the company’s value
system has perpetuated with the ongoing focus on timely, quality workmanship and fair pricing.

Today, Kris Campbell is the third generation company leader having had the mantle recently
passed to him by his father, Keith, who started the company down the path to being exclusively
a service and maintenance only commercial mechanical company. This has proven to be the
game changer that has thrust the Campbell organization into an enviable growth pattern that is
as successful as it is controlled.

As Kris Campbell tells it, the company went from “being one of the pack of mechanical services
contractors chasing low bid new installation work to an elite, focused company respected and
sought after to perform ongoing preventive maintenance, system retrofitting and problem-solving”. Kris explains, “In mechanical contracting, everything is about doing work to plans and
specifications. Low price is king. To my mind, this places customer satisfaction in second place.
We are always looking to make customer satisfaction our number one priority.”

He continued, “I will continue to guide this company as a service business. A mechanical
contractor with a service department on the side, by nature, works from an entirely different
mindset. As a services-only company, like Campbell, we have the luxury of focusing solely on
delivering the best service solutions and creating the highest customer satisfaction over the

One of Campbell’s unique practices has entailed customers entering into preventative
maintenance partnerships. Simply referred to as Guaranteed Lifetime Protection (GLP)
Agreements, these long-term agreements have helped position Campbell among the area’s
largest providers of guaranteed, fixed-cost contracts that assume 100 percent responsibility for
the total performance and operating cost. Campbell’s maintenance programs are designed to
completely protect the customer’s mechanical system investment while lowering operating
costs through lower energy consumption.

According to Bob Eaton, CEO of Campbell’s flagship location in Toledo, “Simple logic would tell
you that having a mechanical system breakdown repair or halt productivity is something you
should absolutely avoid because it can become very expensive. But the percentage of business
operators in the region who just take their chances, and quite often lose, is astounding. Those
companies entering into our greenhouse partnerships can sleep better at night knowing the
surprise factors has been greatly limited.”

Campbell, Inc. provides total HVAC maintenance and repair services on all types of equipment
regardless of manufacturer. This includes servicing chillers, rooftop package units, boilers,
digital control systems, clean room systems, process/production heating and cooling, plumbing,
piping, and sheet metal for industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities.

Today, Campbell employs nearly 90 full-time technicians, engineers, administrative and
customer service representatives working from strategically located facilities in Toledo, Findlay,
Cleveland and Ann Arbor. “We can provide quick service within a 90-mile radius of any of these
offices, so we essentially cover all of Northern Ohio and Southeast Michigan,” Kris concluded.

Campbell is a Linc Service franchise. Linc Service is a brand of ABM Franchising Group, an operating unit of ABM. ABM Franchising Group is a portfolio of franchise networks that deliver comprehensive mechanical and electrical service and preventive maintenance solutions to clients across multiple markets – from commercial office buildings, educational institutions, and municipalities to hospitals, data centers, and industrial facilities. The franchising group consists of two franchise brands: Linc Service and TEGG. The international network is comprised of more than 250 mechanical and electrical contractors located in almost twenty countries.

Linc Service® Contractors have access to ongoing technical and management training,
computerized maintenance scheduling, cost control programs, and a full library of technical
data on every type and make of equipment in use. Linc’s strengths includes a highly
professional and proven approach to marketing, staffing, training, selling, and operations.

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