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Packaged Air Conditioning Units – You need a comfortable building environment no matter what the weather is outside. Our services ensure the efficient flow of air throughout your building.  

Our split system and packaged air conditioning unit services include: 

Verify Operation 

Calibrate and clean controllers and safety controls 

Check fan wheel and clean dirt accumulation 

Check thermostatic expansion valve 

Check for unrestricted and proper operation 

Check for Alignment, Balance, and Security to Shaft 

Check for Corrosion and Wear 

Treat Corrosion as Required 

Lubricate Bearings and Check for End Play, Excessive Bearing Temperature and Unusual Bearing Wear 

Check Condition of Drive Couplings and Belts  

Check and Tighten Mounting Bolts  

Check for Proper Belt Tension 

Check Rain Shields 

Examine Motor Mount Resiliency 

Measure and Record Operating Voltage and Current 

Test Motor Winding Insulation Resistance  

Check for Damage or Leaks  

Straighten Bent Fins 

Check AMP Draw 

Condenser Fan Inspection 

Supply Fan Inspection 

Verify Coil Cleanliness 

Inspect thermal bulb for security 

Check and adjust superheat 

Check for security in duct or system 

Trace back condensate drain piping, checking for blockage 

Verify economizer or “free cooling” Operation   

Filter Change 

Check for Vibration or Noise 

Heating Service with Proper Combustion  

Verify AMP Draw on Spring Fan 

Burner Check 

Sequence test all controls 

Check crankcase heater operation 

Check refrigerant charge and oil leaks  

Perform acid test 

Observe bearing and operating surface temperatures 

Perform combustion and draft tests 

Evaporator Coil Maintenance 

Heat Pump (Indoor and Outdoor) Component Maintenance 

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