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Campbell, Inc. provides energy saving solutions for all types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. We specialize in Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Large Retail Facilities.

We are a full service HVAC provider. Because we employ a highly skilled team of trained service professionals, we are able to offer all services ranging from preventive maintenance to customized design/build services. We provide proper preventive maintenance to keep your HVAC system running at peak performance. We give you assurance that your systems are running as effectively as possible with our service guarantee.

We offer guaranteed preventive maintenance at a fixed cost.  This means any issues you may have be serviced by Campbell with no up-charges.  Using our extensive knowledge, we provide the confidence that your systems are running as efficiently as possible.

Our comprehensive services include:

Air Handlers – Increase the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system Air Handling Units. We provide preventive maintenance to your air handlers along with your HVAC system. View All →

Boilers – Boilers need regular maintenance to ensure they are running correctly. We guarantee that our preventive maintenance operations will minimize operating costs without sacrificing performance.  View All →

Chillers – We want your chiller to run at maximum efficiency so we use predictive technologies to develop a maintenance program that fits your needs. We then provide preventive maintenance to give you assurance that your chillers are running smoothly.  View All →

Computer Room Units – We provide maintenance for computer room units with process cooling applications to keep rooms at a comfortable temperature. View All →

Cooling Towers – Cooling Towers are great for handling the high heat-rejection requirements of industrial cooling needs but require some preventive maintenance to run efficiently. View All →

Domestic Hot Water Systems – We use the same technologies and knowledgeable staff to service your domestic water systems as we use for large businesses and organizations to ensure your systems are running efficiently. View All → 

Exhaust Systems – We offer maintenance of exhaust fans to help our customers create more comfortable, quiet and energy efficient spaces. View All →

Make-Up Air – Make-up air is so essential that it is part of safety and building code requirements for many buildings. We ensure that our services result in proper make-up air provisions. View All →

Packaged Air Conditioning Units – You need a comfortable building environment no matter what the weather is outside. Our services ensure the efficient flow of air throughout your building.  View All →

Pumps – Pumps benefit from regular cleaning and maintenance. We perform semi-annual inspections on these systems. View All →

Refrigeration – Our refrigeration services keep industrial processes and equipment running at peak performance. The services we offer make equipment operation safer and more reliable. View All →

Split Systems – You need a comfortable building environment no matter what the weather is outside. Our services ensure the efficient flow of air throughout your building. View All →



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