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Since 1968, Campbell, Inc. has been helping building owners and managers with design, engineering, installation, maintenance and repair of their HVAC systems.

Our experience tracking energy usage patterns and implementing the latest technologies for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems means you will achieve maximum efficiency from your HVAC investment.

Our Foundation:

In 1968, Ken Campbell founded Campbell, Inc. as a simple plumbing business. His original focus was to bid “plan & spec” work. As the company grew, he added diverse mechanical disciplines and eventually, a dedicated Service Department was added in 1987, headed by Keith Campbell, Ken’s son. Committed to upholding the highest industry standards, Campbell, Inc. teamed with Linc Corporation in 1982, setting them apart from their competitors as only one in 100 contractors achieve Linc Service™ status.

Left to Right: Ken Campbell, Kris Campbell, Keith Campbell and 4th generation Max Campbell.

Keith Campbell was named President/CEO in 1992 and saw an opportunity grow Campbell, Inc. Customer service and satisfaction became the foundation for all interactions, and long-term agreement partnerships with customers were initiated for preventative maintenance. This new focus drove Campbell, Inc. to become one of the area’s largest mechanical services contractors.

Our Timeline:

1968 –  Ken Campbell founded Campbell, Inc. as a simple plumbing business, with a focus to bid “plan & spec” work.

1970s / 1980s – As the company grows, diverse mechanical disciplines are added to meet expanding customer needs.

1982 – Campbell, Inc. teams with Linc Corporation, which upholds the highest industry standards. Being a part of the Linc Service network sets Campbell apart from their competitors as only one in 100 contractors achieve Linc Service™ status.

1987 – A dedicated Service Department is added, headed by Keith Campbell, Ken’s son.

1992 – Keith Campbell is named President/CEO and becomes focused on customer service and satisfaction. Establishing this as the foundation for all interactions, in addition to initiating long-term preventative maintenance partnerships with customers, drives Campbell, Inc. to become one of the area’s largest mechanical services contractors.

1992 – 2001 – Annual revenue grows from $2 million in 1992, with 20 full-time employees to $7.5 million annual revenue in 2001, with 54 full-time employees.

2000 – Looking beyond Ohio, Campbell, Inc. starts Total Solutions, a division focused on new installation of leading-edge automation and digital control technology, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

2001 – An office in Findlay, Ohio is added to accommodate the expanding customer base.

2004 – New company headquarters in Northwood, Ohio are built with an ample 14,600 square foot office and warehouse facility on 2.6 acres. The building was incorporated all state-of-the-art HVAC and environmental systems designed and installed by Campbell, ultimately becoming an equipment showcase to demonstrate systems for potential customers.

2010 – Ann Arbor operations are relocated to Washtenaw Business Park facility.

2014 – The Findlay facility moves to a much larger and more accessible location on Stanford Parkway.

2016 – Kris Campbell, 3rd generation, is named as President.

2017 – Warehouse and office space are added to the Northwood headquarters, which doubles the existing facility from 14,600 square feet to 26,800 square feet and grows from 4 bays to 8 bays, allowing for increased efficiency to serve customers.

2018 – Year long celebration of the company turning 50 years old!

2018 – Ribbon cutting celebration to open the expansion of the headquarters.

2017 – Cambell acquires The Enterprise Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio and it becomes the 3rd Campbell location in Ohio.


Left to Right: Pete Vavrinek – CFO, Kris Campbell – Principal, and Bob Eaton – CEO

Our Growth Committment

Currently, Campbell, Inc. is a 3rd generation family-owned business with 80+ employees. We have been, and always will be, committed to pursuing excellence with impeccable ethics and through superior performance. We offer energy saving solutions for our customers by tracking energy usage patterns and implementing the latest technologies for mechanical and environmental systems. We provide all-inclusive commercial, industrial, and institutional plumbing services, and every business decision is made so our customers can gain high-value and cost-effective solutions.

We are also committed to growing our dedicated family of employees in both numbers and in skill sets. We not only adhere to industry-specific technical training and certifications, but we also persistently research and discover innovative solutions in both mechanical, environmental, and plumbing services and systems. This knowledge allows us to seamlessly and proactively maintain HVAC systems, as well as offer cost-effective business solutions.

Community Involvement

Campbell, Inc. believes in being good stewards and we are passionate about being involved in and giving back to our communities. We are making a significant difference throughout northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan with both monetary and resource donations to the following organizations: Goodwill Industries, Mercy Health Partners, United Way, Girl Scouts of Northwest Ohio, Habitat for Humanity, and YMCA.They will continue their commitment to organizations and services that better individuals, groups, and businesses within Campbell, Inc. communities.

Campbell, Inc.’s mission of providing total satisfaction to their customers will drive their employees to exceed expectations with exceptional service and maintenance. Their delivery of prompt, professional services, in addition to being honest in their recommendations, will continue to set them apart from their competitors.

Optimal Operations

Being a member of Linc Network, LLC and achieving Linc Service™ status sets us apart from our competitors. Since 1982, Campbell, Inc. has followed the disciplines of the Linc System®, delivering the highest quality preventive maintenance and service for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

As a part of the Linc Service™ network, Campbell provides the responsiveness and services a client would expect from a locally owned company, while taking advantage of the technology, training, and vast resources that a national organization can provide. The Linc Service™ network manufacturer neutral approach allows Campbell to find the best application for our customers, no matter what the facility’s needs are, at the most competitive cost.

Using a Linc Service™ contractor like Campbell, Inc. ensures:

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