Clean Air!
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Preset Solutions to Keep Your Indoor Air Clean This Winter Using GPS and Other Ideas

Webinar Focus: GPS Installation and How It Works

December 9, 2020, 11:30am – 12:00pm

Online using Zoom

This session will review GPS, Global Plasma Solutions and how this technology significantly impacts the indoor air quality. Eventually, this technology will be standard practice.

See a video explanation here: Video

Our webinar will review:

  • Ways to measure and impact indoor air quality
  • GPS System and other ways to make indoor air quality better
  • Next steps for your facility
  • Questions and Answers

Speaker: Paul Suda, General Manager – Campbell Inc.

A link will be provided to registered attendees with the registration confirmation.

There is no fee for this session.

Free Coffee! All attendees will receive a Coffee Gift Card dropped off at your location of choice!

For more information call Alex Williams (234) 212-1449 or email Alex Here.

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