Who Thinks About Air Conditioning in the Winter?

winter building energy audit

While toasty and warm in your building, the last thing you’re thinking about is the cool relief of your air conditioning during the hot summer months. However, on a cold, dreary winter day, the Campbell technicians are thinking about how to ensure you are cool in the summer.

Wait, what? Yes, even when it’s cold outside we’re thinking ahead and want to make sure your air conditioning system provides the comfort and stable temperatures you need during the hot summer months.

Servicing your AC unit in the winter means:

  1. Planned Maintenance
    Our preventative maintenance programs ensure your system is operating reliability.
    By scheduling your AC maintenance in the winter you are able to control when it occurs, keeping your operations running efficiently.
  2. Reduce Chance for Emergency
    We know your business needs to operate with very little temperature variance. Our preventative maintenance programs minimize downtime and ensure highly efficient systems resulting in consistent temperatures.
  3. Reduce Ownership Costs with Well-maintained Equipment
    We take energy consumption and operating costs into account when customizing your fixed cost maintenance contract. Our goal is to optimize your system, budget, and comfort by extending equipment life, lowering overall expenses, and reducing downtime.

Campbell offers a guaranteed preventative maintenance program that provides you the confidence your system is running as efficiently as possible. Give us a call today and we’ll make sure your system is running at maximum capacity.