Winter Can Be a Bust with Busted, Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipe lacking insulation

Even though you may have followed the Frozen Pipe Prevention List, winter offers no guarantees. And unfortunately, one way winter can get the best of you is by freezing and breaking water pipes. 

Frozen Pipe Warning Signs

  • Diminished water flow – If you notice either water pressure or flow has decreased, this could be an indication of a pipe beginning to freeze.The best case scenario would be to thaw the frozen pipe by slowly providing heat to the pipe or keep the water on to prevent a complete dam. However the pipe could already be damaged adding heat could only worsen the problem.  
  • Water or ice on the exterior of the building – You may find a frozen mud puddle or notice water or ice dripping down the side of your home or business. These are warning signs that there is a water leak or that water was once escaping from a busted pipe and then froze. 
  • Water leaks – Any small drip or puddle inside your building needs to be investigated. Determine the source of the leak and call Campbell Inc. immediately before any further damage can occur. 
  • Wet insulation – Damp or wet insulation is a frozen, broken pipe red flag that requires the immediate attention of a trained Campbell technician.    

During times of extreme cold and freezing temperatures, complete a walk-through inspection of your building and all water pipes. Once the weather warms a bit, continue to be on the lookout for any of the above warning signs. When water freezes in a broken pipe, you won’t be aware of a problem until the ice thaws and the water begins to flow again. In a short time, water could begin gushing from a broken pipe and further damage can take place. 

Buildings At Risk

  • Drafty warehouses or buildings – When cold air is allowed in to interior spaces, pipes are susceptible to freezing. 
  • Areas where local utility work is happening – Be in the know about any utility work that is happening near your residence or business. If water is turned off and the flow of water to your system is terminated, even for a short time, it can cause havoc. Water sitting in the pipes can easily freeze and cause a busted pipe. 
  • Building with uninsulated pipes or damaged insulation – You can’t ignore a lack of, or damaged, insulation when you live in a cold weather areas. Protecting vulnerable pipes can help prevent, but won’t guarantee, pipes from freezing. The image here shows a small damage spot that can cause large issues as it makes this pipe vulnerable.

Campbell Experience Sets Us Apart

When you do have an issue with frozen, broken pipes, the Campbell Inc. multi-disciplined team are your experts. We are known for providing solutions for all kinds of situations and scenarios and being able to solve problems no one else can. We will not only fix your broken pipes but will also determine the most efficient, long lasting materials for structural integration.  

With over 45 years of experience in plastic, both CPVC and PEX tubing, as well as copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and ductile iron, we will be able to get you and your building operational as quickly as possible. 

We are available 24/7 if you have a water line or plumbing emergency. Call us at 800.HVAC.911 for immediate assistance.