You Need a R-410a Refrigerant Reduction Plan by 2024!


You Need a R-410a Refrigerant Reduction Plan by 2024!

Refrigerants are classified as an ozone depleting substance; thus, they need to be phased out over the next several years. R-410a Refrigerant has a lower global warming potential (GWP) than R-22 but still, it needs to be reduced. Campbell, Inc. will put a plan in place to make sure you are meeting the 2024 and 2029 reduction requirements for both refrigerants and equipment.

What Is Meant by Open Building Automation and Building Control Systems?

Campbell always designs BAS and BCS with the client in mind. There are three crucial factors to take into account when designing an open system for our commercial customers and we explain them for you.

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Is Proven to Save Money, Extend Equipment Life & Prevent Downtime

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Is Proven to Save Money, Extend Equipment Life & Prevent Downtime

Why Does Adequate CFM – Cubic Feet Per Minute – Matter When Completing a Commercial HVAC Renovation?

Commercial HVAC capacity and capability, cubic feet per minute (CFM), recommended air change overs, indoor air quality, compensating for outdoor elements, diffusers - these are all vital components to consider when you are renovating a commercial or industrial building.

Consider This When Replacing Your Commercial Rooftop HVAC Equipment

When it's time to replace your rooftop HVAC unit, there are many factors to consider beyond the type of equipment you need. Our team of engineers and technicians will ensure your building's roof has the structural integrity to handle the load of your commercial HVAC unit.

What is Preventative Maintenance for Your Building Controls Systems?

There are many components to your commercial building control systems and you need to make sure they are all set and operating correctly. We offer preventative maintenance programs for your building control systems that will save you money on your utility costs.

Campbell, Inc. Offers Commercial Plumbing and HVAC Services to Make Your Maintenance Plans Seamless

Campbell provides complete commercial plumbing expertise including maintenance and repairs as well as service for emergency issues. We are also experts in design build so when you need to renovate existing spaces, we will guide the updates for your kitchen and bathroom spaces.

We Can Improve Your Air Quality

We detail how MERV filtration, when combined with needlepoint bipolar ionization technology, can improve indoor air quality. This revolutionary technology can remove particles in the air including dust, dander, viruses, and bacteria.

A Proper Filter Is Vital for Commercial HVAC System Operation

A properly fitted HVAC filter is vital to stopping mold spores and dust particles in the air and improving air quality. Campbell uses the standard MERV8 filter to optimize commercial HVAC equipment performance.

What Do I Do With R-22 Commercial HVAC Equipment?

We outline 3 options for commercial and industrial building owners so they can meet the Department of Energy 2023 standards. While R-22 is no longer being produced, there are still commercial HVAC units that are serviced, using recycled or reclaimed R-22.