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HVAC Mechanical Solutions Protecting Your Budget

Commercial HVAC Mechanical
Contractor Providing You Value

Campbell, Inc. offers a variety of commercial mechanical solutions and mechanical HVAC services to optimize commercial and industrial buildings and budgets. Our customers avoid equipment failures and preventable HVAC repairs with our fixed cost contract that assumes 100% responsibility for total performance and operating costs.

Save Money and Energy.

Savings of 10-15% are created by the implementation of new solutions today.

  • Reduced Maintenance & Operation Costs
  • Computerized Tasking
  • Service Experts
  • Hand Held Field Automation
  • High Efficient Equipment
  • Energy Reduction & Awareness
  • Ongoing Support & Auditing
  • State of the Art Controls
  • High-Efficiency Lighting

As your HVAC mechanical contractor, we will evaluate your commercial HVAC systems including boiler, chiller, and cooling tower mechanical services to offer a customized program that takes energy consumption and operating costs into account.

Preventive maintenance programs for your commercial HVAC systems yield many benefits including:

  • Ensured equipment reliability
  • Extended equipment life
  • Maximized efficiency
  • Minimized downtime and comfort issues
  • Reduced operating costs

Our commercial mechanical solutions program and mechanical HVAC services include the following options:

  • Emergency service scheduling 24/7/365
  • EPA certified trained technicians
  • Guaranteed full-service HVAC coverage that will replace your equipment if required
  • Indoor air quality
  • Energy efficient HVAC solutions
  • Long term management of environmental systems through guaranteed fixed cost contracts where we assume 100% accountability for performance and cost
  • Specialized programs for high technology facilities

Our price guaranteed HVAC mechanical solutions give our customers assurance that their commercial HVAC systems are running at maximum efficiency.

We specialize in guaranteeing the commercial HVAC systems we maintain, protecting your systems and even assuming risk for you. Our customers can rely on the care we take of their plant maintenance systems without risk of unexpected costly repairs because of our self-guaranteed fixed cost.

Dependable mechanical HVAC services with a predictable budget leads to smooth operations. Our preventive mechanical solutions provide the following direct benefits:

  • A fixed cost for HVAC maintenance and repairs
  • Extended equipment life
  • Cost savings
  • No surprises- we guarantee it!
  • Optimal comfort conditions
  • Energy efficient HVAC solutions
  • Reduced system downtime
  • Single source responsibility