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Learn More. Know More. Be More.

Keith Campbell Training Center

Being well educated was always a core value of Keith Campbell, a past Campbell Inc. President and CEO. So when the current Campbell Mechanical leadership team decided to dedicate the training center for the education and preparation of its technicians and team members, it was an obvious choice to name it the Keith Campbell Training Center.

Campbell Mechanical Services is passionate about training which was inspired by our former leader, Keith, who held education in the highest regard. He believed that one of Campbell’s roles was to ensure our team members were prepared so they would not only improve the commercial HVAC and mechanical services provided by Campbell, but so they would also be better, well-rounded individuals outside of the Campbell walls. We are proud to carry on Keith’s legacy with a commitment to employing the best trained HVAC technicians and mechanical service workers in the industry.

Learn More.
Know More.
Be More.

Frequent In Person Training Opportunities

3D Virtual Technician Training System

Lead By Learning

Campbell chose “Lead By Learning” as the tagline because of the strong message of leadership and growth it offers to the HVAC industry.

  • When commercial HVAC and mechanical service technicians are properly educated and trained, they can lead well.
  • When professionals are confident in their abilities and knowledge, they can teach.
  • And when individuals lead others, they are passing on their knowledge and expertise so the cycle can continue.

We are proud to invest in our employees knowing it is an investment in our future. Our commitment to training and education celebrates the legacy of Keith Campbell and allows us to be the best commercial HVAC and mechanical service provider for our customers.

Building on Campbell’s education values, the Keith Campbell Training Center will be used to develop teamwork strategies, nurture leadership, build tactical skills, and encourage growth for all our employees at all our Toledo, Cleveland, and Findlay, Ohio locations as well as our Ann Arbor, Michigan office. With every training session, we will encourage our employees to take their knowledge and expertise to provide better HVAC and mechanical services for our employees as well as better their families and communities.