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What is an HVAC Emergency?

Noises from your HVAC system could be indicative of several problems. Some commercial HVAC noises can be repaired easily, such as cleaning HVAC parts or dislodging debris caught in the unit. However, any alarming noise needs the immediate attention of a professional commercial HVAC technician. Always turn off the unit first and then call the emergency commercial mechanical contractor experts at Campbell. The electrical components of your industrial HVAC system or packaged rooftop unit could be loose or defective, or the blower or chiller could be faulty.

Smells, like noises, are telling you something isn’t right with your HVAC system and you need to call a professional HVAC technician. Often, a smell can indicate an electrical problem within your unit. But even worse, there could be a natural gas leak. If you smell sulphur or rotten eggs, you need to exit your home or building immediately and call 911.

If your commercial air conditioning, packaged rooftop units, or chiller unit isn’t working, there could be a few easy fixes that are relatively easy for most building owners. Check to see if:

  • A fuse may have blown on the unit
  • The air filter is clogged and needs replaced
  • The thermostat batteries are dead
  • The unit is set to “COOL”

If you are able to troubleshoot and fix your air conditioning or commercial chiller system, that’s great. However, if your system still isn’t operational, you need to call a commercial HVAC technician. An animal could have eaten the wires, the compressor, pump, or a motor may be damaged, HVAC equipment could have been struck by lightning or the circuit board may need to be replaced. 

In hot summer months, heat and humidity can be difficult for those who have compromised health conditions, especially those with respiratory concerns. When your industrial air conditioning unit or chiller breaks down, it is vital to get it serviced by a licensed HVAC professional. 

You can do a quick diagnostic review before calling a heating and air conditioning professional.

  • A fuse may have blown on the unit
  • The air filter is dirty and needs cleaned or replaced
  • The thermostat batteries could be dead
  • The thermostat needs to be set to “HEAT”
  • The pilot light may have gone out

If you’ve checked all these things and you still don’t have heat, your next step is a call to a licensed HVAC technician. Commercial HVAC systems are complex and a burner, motor, or valve could be defective, or the heat exchanger could be damaged. 

Campbell, Inc. provides 24/7/365 emergency service for your commercial HVAC and industrial plumbing needs. Our technicians are trained to diagnose mechanical service problems quickly, and we have access to rebuild and retrofit parts that keep HVAC maintenance and repair costs within your budget.

If you experience any HVAC emergency or problem, always turn the unit off and call Campbell at 800.HVAC.911.

We will respond quickly, and you can be confident in our expertise to fix your commercial HVAC system!