water backflow

Maintain Backflow Compliance

We provide commercial plumbing services including annual water backflow inspection.

What is Water Backflow?

Water should flow only in one direction – from a public water supply into a business or home. Water Backflow is when water pressure changes and water flows in the opposite direction, resulting in contamination or pollution that affects the public water supply. There are two types of backflow:

  • Backpressure – When the pressure downstream increases over the system pressure, water flow can be reversed and this is called backpressure
  • Backsiphonage – If there is a reduction in the supply pressure, the normal flow of water can be reversed and water can be siphoned back into the public water supply

Water Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention is a joint responsibility of the regulatory authorities, the local plumbing inspection officials, the water supplier, and the consumer. Each has a role in eliminating the possibility of backflow.

Backflow prevention devices and assemblies must be installed to prevent backflow. Backflow preventers are installed at each cross-connection point and/or water meter. Cross-connection points are any physical connection created between a public water system and the consumer’s water system, including ponds, holding tanks, or wells.

Campbell has the commercial plumbing service expertise to install required for water backflow prevention devices. Contact us today for your commercial plumbing contractor needs.

Commercial and Industrial Backflow Requirements

  1. All commercial and industrial customers are responsible for maintaining and testing their backflow prevention devices according to their local and state regulations.
  2. Installation, preventative maintenance, and testing of backflow prevention devices must be performed by a licensed plumbing contractor.
  3. All backflow reports and records must be maintained.
  4. Campbell is your water backflow and commercial plumbing service expert for state and local requirements and will work with you to ensure your compliance.

Campbell Keeps You in Compliance

Campbell, Inc.’s Plumbing Division can keep your business in compliance with the EPA & DOC (Department of Commerce) Backflow Prevention Program. Our licensed commercial plumbers offer the following services:

  • Backflow Installation
  • Backflow Preventative Maintenance
  • Backflow Testing