Financial Series: Energy Savings

Energy Savings Assessment ™
With Campbell Mechanical Services

Campbell Mechanical Services want to help you make the best business decisions to ensure maximum indoor air quality, HVAC system efficiency, and energy savings. It all begins with our consultative approach to objectively measure where you can realize the most value.

No one likes to be assessed, but it is the best way to measure change! In fact, anything you want to change has to first be measured.

According to the United States Department of Energy and the Building Owners and Management Association (BOMA) energy savings of 5% to 30% can be realized through improved operations and maintenance of the building systems. Our Energy Savings Assessment is a key step in optimizing the performance of the energy-consuming systems in your building and ensuring that all aspects of energy waste in your building are addressed.

  • Energy costs typically account for 30% of the total cost of operating a building.
  • 85% of buildings are over-ventilated, wasting billions of dollars each year in unnecessary heating and cooling costs.
  • A 15% reduction in energy consumption can lower operating costs by $12,000 per year for every 50,000 square feet of space.

Find opportunities to reduce your energy costs – starting with next month’s bill!

3 Benefits of an Energy Savings Assessment

1 Reduce energy waste

Following the lead from the BOMA Energy Efficiency Program (BEEP®) to identify low-cost and no-cost savings tactics, we address many of the most common energy-wasting culprits.

2Increase comfort

Your people are an important asset. We’ll help you minimize complaints and improve comfort by pinpointing problem areas and resolving issues fast.

3Self funding through savings

Use the savings generated by simple low-cost and no-cost changes to supplement your capital budget. Take the guesswork out of your planning with documented justification for improvement including repairs, retrofits, and replacement of your HVAC and lighting systems.

Current Bills

  1. Energy Bills – Electric, Oil, Gas, Water
  2. Contracted Services – Last 12 months – Mechanical Systems (HVAC, boiler, air balance, filters, building controls, water treatment, etc.)
  3. Parts and Materials – Last 12 months – Air Filters, Tools, Refrigerant, Temperature Controls, Oil and Grease, Water Treatment Chemicals
  4. Major Repairs – Last 12 months – Labor, Materials

Sources of Energy Assessment Data

Air Quality Sensing Devices in the Building
We’ll temporarily install a network of wireless sensors in your building that will transmit real-time building performance information to our servers. The communication network is completely self-sufficient and requires no connection to your building’s IT or building automation infrastructure.

Armed with this data, and information gained during a survey of the building, we’ll provide a complete report that will identify immediate opportunities to reduce energy waste. Common examples include lights remaining on and air conditioning systems running when the building is unoccupied, poor ventilation control that results in the costly conditioning of outside air, and inefficient temperature control that wastes energy while also being the cause of comfort complaints.

We will do a complete review of your industrial systems and make recommendations for upgrades or replacements.

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