Lowering Your Operating Costs

Simple Solutions to Save Money

Energy savings of 5-30% can be realized through improved operations.


Campbell, Inc. energy audits refer to our process of identifying:

  • Energy Usage Patterns
  • Opportunities to Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Specific Plans to Reduce Operating Costs

According to the U.S. Department of Energy and the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), energy savings of 5% – 30% can be realized through improved operations and maintenance of building systems.  

It is estimated that energy accounts for nearly one-third of a typical building’s operating costs.

Our comprehensive energy audits will identify the areas where your building can better conserve energy.

Energy Benchmark

Campbell, Inc. will complete an Energy Benchmark using the EPA’s Energy Star guidelines. This Energy Benchmark will allow Campbell to assess the level of energy consumption and compare it to similar buildings. This knowledge is the first step towards both increased profitability and earning Energy Star certification.

Energy Savings Assessment

Next, Campbell, Inc. will temporarily install a network of wireless sensors in your building that will monitor real-time performance information.  Armed with this data and our Energy Benchmark assessment we will provide a complete report of the results and identify opportunities to reduce energy waste.

The focus of our energy audits is to identify low and no cost changes to how your building operates, allowing you to reduce your costs with little or no capital investment.

In addition to the bottom line savings, the Campbell, Inc. team can work with you to develop the data necessary to earn certifications and qualify for tax deductions.