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Modern Controls
for Optimal Operations

Commercial and Industrial Building Controls

Enjoy the efficiency that building control systems bring in both energy use and maintenance time.

Adding or updating your building control system will allow automatic adjustments for:

  • Heating and cooling
  • Chiller operations
  • Humidity control
  • Air quality

Our team will install or service your building control system to ensure you are working in the best environment. Not only do controls operate efficiently in the moment, they also have a useful ability to report data which further assists in optimization efforts.

Campbell excels at maintaining and servicing commercial and industrial HVAC equipment, old and new. This depth of knowledge enables us to install building control systems in every environment.

Actionable Information

The data collected from the new building controls systems enables insights to trending or alarming issues that your building may experience. Using this data to benchmark other buildings or even your own building’s history creates the ability to see issues before they become emergencies. It also enables better decision making for your HVAC system operations.

A building control management system consists of a network of sensors and monitors, automated and managed by specialized commercial HVAC software. The building automation control software collects data from the HVAC network, enabling insight on possible issues regarding humidity, temperature or CO2 levels. Building management systems allow you to proactively monitor and manage conditions before they become emergencies. The primary goal of an industrial building automation system is to increase overall operating efficiency by optimizing energy usage while improving comfort and safety across the facility.

Controls Anywhere

Any HVAC system of any age can have a building controls system added and any equipment that already has digital reporting capabilities included can be integrated.

HVAC Building Controls

Industrial and commercial building control equipment can range from basic environment and zoning controls to fully automated smart building networks. Building HVAC control systems with existing digital reporting capabilities can be integrated and programmed into newer designs as well. A well-designed building management network makes informed energy use decisions to further optimize your assets.

Benefits of Updating

Commercial HVAC building automation controls allow your building maintenance team to automate operations to match your goals and needs. Control systems for buildings are remotely accessed, making it easier to make informed adjustments in real time, helping extend the life of industrial HVAC systems. Having building controls in place also allows for data collection.

Critical Environmental Control

Campbell provides control solutions for critical environments that require maintaining precise control, alarming capabilities, and extensive documentation – from lab environments to centralized server rooms that require tight control of temperature, pressure, and humidity.

Campbell has been in the business of optimizing building efficiencies for over 50 years.

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Software and Hardware

Campbell has the capability to work on any industrial and commercial HVAC system, across a large number of manufacturers and communication protocol systems. Our experienced technicians stay current with each commercial HVAC equipment manufacturer’s certifications, including Niagara 4, Vykon, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, and Siemens.

For new installations, we typically use Vykon by Tridium or Distech as our products of choice. Tridium is the developer of Niagara Framework® – a comprehensive software platform for the development and deployment of connected products and device-to-enterprise applications. Tridium devices that run Niagara 4 software come in two options including the Jace 8000, and a server-based option. Vykon, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, and Siemens all use Tridium controllers in their product lineup.


Regular updates to your HVAC software keep building controls current and optimized which is helpful not only for security but to be ready for new features when upgrades are available. This enables effective building maintenance through monitoring of alarms and the usage of equipment.

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