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Preventive Maintenance Controls(PMC) Program

We Keep Your Controls Under Control

Our Preventive Maintenance Controls (PMC) program is planned preventative maintenance services of your building’s controls systems. This approach ensures that building systems are operating efficiently, maintaining ideal building pressure, and keeping current with technology updates. The PMC program is created for existing or new control systems and is ideal for commercial facilities such as hospitals, schools and universities, churches, and office buildings.

Our Experience

Our experience and expertise allows us to guarantee and assume the risk for the HVAC systems and controls we install and maintain for the complete lifecycle of the equipment and components. Campbell customers can be confident in our:

  • Fixed cost for HVAC maintenance and repairs with no surprises
  • Extended equipment life
  • Ensured equipment reliability
  • Lower overall expenses
  • Optimal air quality and comfort conditions
  • Reduced system downtime
  • Single source responsibility

Trust Your HVAC And Building Automation Maintenance To Campbell

We are committed to building long term customer service relationships with our clients. With more than 50 years of experience, our ability to deliver results using our Preventive Maintenance Controls (PMC) program.

PMC sell sheet
Campbell PMC Sell Sheet

PMC Program At A Glance


  • Building pressure tests
  • Delta T tests of cooling and heating coils
  • Optimal start trends and statistics
  • Alarm testing and tuning


  • System and energy efficiency calculations and adjustments
  • User accessibility audits
  • Alarm reviews Program tuning to maximize efficiency, performance and longevity of equipment. This includes PID tuning (timing), ramp tuning, modulation.
  • Schedules input, design and review


  • Security updates and data backups
  • Software and driver updates
  • System override and locked value audits
  • User accessibility audits


  • Regular onsite system maintenance
  • Seasonal calibration of sensors/actuators
  • Controls programming
  • Setpoint adjustments
  • Basic part replacements

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