Campbell Preventative Maintenance

Eliminate Building Energy Waste With Campbell Using Preventative Maintenance

Natural Habits

Preventative maintenance is not a natural state of mind. We all wait until something is broken before we fix it, but in the case of our buildings not doing preventative maintenance silently drains our energy and reduces the life of our equipment. But, as these happen without any immediate cause for action, sometimes you may not even realize it.

I Can Save 30%?

Implementing a preventive maintenance program can reduce utility costs up to 30% with little to no additional capital expenses. Combined with an effective maintenance program you can immediately add positive cash flow to your bottom line by reducing energy waste.

Yes, With Preventative Maintenance

What is preventative maintenance? Simply put, it is maintaining your building’s mechanical systems to optimize their performance and minimize their wear. This ensures the systems are not having to work hard against dirty oil or filters or worn pieces. At Campbell, we follow a trusted preventative maintenance program that has been tuned for decades. This program structure follows the research of years of experience that helps to predict the problem areas that can be prevented before failure.

What About the Traditional Fix or Repair Strategy?

The maintenance strategy of many commercial buildings and HVAC contractors is that of fix/repair. This strategy is not only more costly in the long run due to its impact on equipment life; it’s also very ineffective for truly reducing energy. According to ASHRAE studies, even recently commissioned buildings can see a 30% deterioration of performance in 3 years. Relying on “fix/repair” for energy management in today’s economy is no longer sustainable for most businesses.

Ready to Talk About a Preventative Maintenance Strategy?

With our preventative maintenance approach we will first benchmark your commercial building to help understand your current baseline. After that we will take one of two actions. We will either help you make your building more efficient over time, focusing on low and no cost solutions, if we find your building is already efficient we will help you maintain the efficiency of your building. This strategy not only pays dividends immediately but long term, creating positive cash flow for your business.

Let’s Get Going 

We’ll work with you to create an Energy Savings Action Plan to fit your unique needs, including:

  • How you use your building
  • Your operating budget
  • Your capital budget
  • Your investment horizon

Benchmark Energy Costs

We’ll complete an Energy Benchmark using EPA’s ENERGY STAR guidelines. By reviewing your energy consumption we see how efficient your building is today and estimate the energy savings that can be expected.

Identity Cost Savings Opportunities

We’ll use the latest in energy analysis technology to gain insights into how your building is performing and identify specific actions we can take to start saving your energy now.

Propose and Implement Retrofits

We’ll facilitate the implementation of energy- saving recommendations, starting with low and no-cost items first. If larger capital items can be justified, we’ll work with you to plan and execute those projects within your available budget.

Continue Energy Monitoring and Diagnostics

We’ll monitor your building’s energy use 24×7, immediately alerting you if issues arise. It’s like having a full time energy manager on staff for only a few dollars per day.

Energy costs typically account for 30% of the total cost of operating a building.

Nearly 90% of buildings are over-ventilated, wasting billions of dollars each year in unnecessary heating and cooling costs.

A 15% reduction in energy consumption can lower operating costs by $12,000 per year for every 50,000 square feet of space.