Guaranteeing Maximum Efficiency

Marginal Reductions Result in
Significant Savings

The average commercial building uses 20% more energy than necessary.


Campbell, Inc. has over 50 years of experience keeping HVAC systems operating at peak efficiency levels.  This equates to money in the bank for our customers. 

We guarantee maximum efficiency because:  

  • We maintain detailed records to guarantee equipment service and/or upgrades happen on time to avoid waste. 
  • We can retrofit existing systems whenever the payback savings warrant. 
  • We offer energy audits by a specialized team to review a wide range of factors impacting energy usage. 
  • We implement sustainable preventive maintenance programs. 

ASHRAE states that HVAC systems can account for between 40% and 70% of commercial energy bills.

Our comprehensive energy management services get results.

Campbell, Inc. programs have proven that even marginal reductions in energy consumption produce significant savings in operating costs. 

Our energy management services include: 

  • Building Automation Systems 
  • Bundled Energy Solutions  
  • Load Shedding  
  • PACE   
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs  

We look at your complete picture using our experience, LEED™ accredited methodology, and Energy Star recommendations to lower energy consumption and thereby reduce your operating costs.  Our quality is further guaranteed by our affiliation with Linc Services, a leading international network of HVAC service contractors held to the highest of standards.