The Connection Between Plumbing and HVAC Services

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As a commercial and residential mechanical services provider, Campbell, Inc. offers service for both HVAC and plumbing needs.  Plumbing and HVAC services appear to be two distinct entities but they are more connected than people traditionally think. 

Design, Install, and Preventative Maintenance

Keeping mechanical systems working simultaneously requires careful design and installation, and having experienced plumbers and HVAC technicians provide input into the design build process allows Campbell to confidently install, inspect, provide preventative maintenance, and repair all components of a building’s mechanical systems. Further, to ensure a building’s HVAC system is running at peak performance, it is imperative that both plumbing and HVAC systems work cooperatively. 

Gas Line and Water Hook-Ups

Many HVAC systems and boilers require gas lines as well as water hook-ups which need to be safely installed by a plumber. Also, humidifiers can be added on to a HVAC system and chiller, and installation requires the knowledge of a trained plumber. 

Condensate Drains and Pumps

Mechanical residential and commercial building codes are very specific to HVAC condensate drain and pump requirements. Campbell Inc. employs both licensed plumbers and HVAC technicians to ensure all installations, repairs, and retrofits meet designated building codes. Drain size and pitch as well as drain insulation, traps and vents, and the approved location of a condensate drain must all be considered to ensure waste fumes don’t enter into any occupied space. 

Our customers demand and value a building that is efficient and comfortable. Having all of a building’s mechanical systems working together and optimally keeps employees happy and productive, while keeping maintenance and energy costs down. As a full service mechanical services provider, Campbell has the training and technology you require. 

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