Campbell CAREs! We C.A.R.E about our customers

Using the Customer Assurance, Review and Evaluation Program perfected by our Linc team, we strive to keep in constant contact with our clients. 

Not every HVAC company comes in knowing they want to be your partner. We do. At Campbell we pride ourselves in getting to know your business and its needs so well that we become part of the fabric of your team.

We follow a program we call C.A.R.E. Using the guidelines here, when we start working for you, we make sure we know everything about your business and how to effectively support your working environment.

It is not just the equipment, we want to know about the business itself. We learn where to park, what the best times are to work on your equipment, everything we need to know to make our work with you seamless.

Each client is assigned a primary lead technician. This allows for quicker diagnosis and understanding of any issues or maintenance that will occur on-site. All scheduled maintenance is conducted by the lead technician and whenever possible, quick care needs are also addressed by your lead.

The C.A.R.E program is initiated and conducted using these 6 steps:

  1. Maintenance Agreement Start-Up Procedure
  2. C.A.R.E. Orientation Meeting
  3. Review of the Customer C.A.R.E. Process
  4. Contractor Monthly In-house C.A.R.E. Meeting to Review Status
  5. Action Plans are Made for Any Issues or Projects
  6. Satisfaction Surveys are Sent to the Customer to Keep Communication Open

Call Campbell today to become part of our C.A.R.E program. We want to partner with you!