Healthy Building, Happy Employees: Make Sure Your Building is in Shape with a Building Audit

Discover your Energy Use Index Value

Campbell Inc has been managing building HVAC systems for over 50 years. Our team of mechanics know how to optimize your building systems to ensure efficient energy use, ideal working conditions and predictive maintenance for stable environments.

The best way to start adjusting the HVAC efficiency in your office building or industrial space is through an Energy Audit. The energy audit is accomplished with the following steps:

Walk Through: Mechanical team conducts a walkthrough of the building – this can take 1-2 days depending on the size of the facility. During this audit the team review includes the following areas that can be adjusted for efficiency:

  • Lights
  • Windows
  • Control Systems
  • Interior Office Space
  • Equipment Efficiency, Age and Function
  • Gas and Electric Bill Audit

Index: From the information gathered, a cost per square foot is generated ($/Sq. Foot) called the Energy Use Index.

Benchmark: The Energy Use Index is compared to other companies in your industry which allow you to benchmark your energy use.

Report: From the information gathered, a report of possible improvements will be developed. This list can be accomplished in days or months depending on the complexity and the value of the project. This report is generated in order of importance and ease of payback for the work accomplished which is called the Energy Conservation Measure. Campbell co-authors the energy solution activity with the customers to ensure the results match the desired outcomes in terms of building use and energy savings.

Savings: Over the years of working on audits like this one, we have discovered that generally 10-50% of energy savings can be generated with some implementation of new solutions. These may be as simple as implementing a night time set back temperature to implementing demand control ventilation to updating equipment. Once the building is operating at its best efficiency, a preventative maintenance program should be implemented to ensure steady outcomes.

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