The Days of R-22 are Limited

Time is ticking away on the amount of R-22 Refrigerants readily available on the market, and within three cooling seasons, the refrigerant will only be available through reclaimers or individual inventories.

While time is limited, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) numbers show that the refrigerant isn’t being recovered by reclamation companies as quickly as many would have expected. Since 2013, about 24.5 million pounds of R-22 have been recovered. It falls below the EPA’s recovery targets, which were set to offset a shortfall in the R-22 supply after it is phased out.

As a Linc Service contractor, Campbell, Inc., participates in refrigerant banking programs that can reclaim recovered R-22 into AHRI 700 specifications at a purification facility. Once purified, it is stored until needed to help avoid paying mounting costs once R-22 is phased out. We also work with vendors to receive discounts on R-22 alternatives, helping to ensure our clients’ facility equipment is compliant as well as budget-conscious.