Consider a Career in the Skilled Trades

Campbell is proud to be a Union employer. We are always looking for motivated individuals interested in working in the mechanical service industry and trades.

Why Should I Go Into the Trades?
Working in the trades industry holds an abundance of benefits including:

  • Job stability
  • Excellent wages with yearly raises
  • Debt free education with earned college credits
  • Opportunities for travel and advancement

The ideal skilled trade industry candidate enjoys working with their hands, takes pride in completing a project, enjoys working on a variety of job sites, and possesses a good personality. Individuals who are motivated and willing to work hard will be incredibly successful in the trades.

More and more individuals are interested in the skilled trades. Not only is there a demand for workers, but the growing costs to attend college has many choosing a skilled trade apprenticeship program. CNBC posted an article in February 2023 detailing why apprenticeships programs are growing in popularity.

The skills and experiences developed in the trades builds a foundation for further career growth. Trade fieldwork can grow into careers such as: sales, project management, general foreman, and even company ownership.

With trades work located all throughout the United States, the possibilities to grow your trades skill set and be successful are abundant.

What Is the Trades Apprentice Process?

The path of apprenticeship is more technical than it used to be. Currently, the apprenticeship process involves:

  • 5 years of on-the-job training
  • A variety of classroom teaching sessions
  • Earn while learn – receive a generous income while acquiring your particular skills

The combined jobsite and classroom experiences guarantee individuals are both thoroughly trained and confidently prepared to handle their work.

Apprentices must take an exam at the end of their training program. Once you pass, you earn your journeymen card and have opportunities for further income earning potential and career growth.

Is Being a Skilled Tradesman a Safe Career?

For decades, construction companies and unions have successfully fought for safer work conditions. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has extensive safety training programs and they provide oversight to ensure healthy and safe job sites. In addition, companies often employ safety directors who monitor safety practices and ensure there are never any shortcuts in the work completed.

All these efforts have resulted in declining workplace injury and illness as well as keeping worker morale high and increasing jobsite productivity. On an individual level, apprentices and journeymen go through a number of certifications including: CPR / First Aid, AED, & Bloodborne Pathogens; Arc Flash; OSHA Equipment Safety; OSHA Environmental Health & Safety; and UA STAR Certification.

Trades Are An Excellent Career

For anyone considering a career in the trades, we are ready to meet you. Completing your apprenticeship training with Campbell Mechanical Services introduces you to a wide variety of services and expertise beyond HVAC. Learning from our BAS, energy, and plumbing service teams gives our apprentices an advantage in the mechanical services industry. In addition, being able to earn a competitive wage while learning valuable skills sets you up for a successful, life long career.

Contact us today to learn more about a career in the trades!