GPS Ionization Cleaning & Treatment

GPS Air’s New IDF-2™ NPBI Fan Helps Improve Indoor Air Quality

Ceiling-mounted ion distribution fan features NPBI™ technology to quietly help clean indoor air of pathogens.

Campbell is proud to offer the innovative, new GPS Air IDF-2™ ceiling-mounted ion distribution fan as a solution to help our customers ensure indoor air quality.

The IDF-2 is a low-profile, quiet operation ceiling tile fan with NPBI™ technology directly integrated. By using a high efficiency brushless fan motor in combination with a revolving diffuser, the IDF-2 provides an even introduction of ions to achieve optimal in-space ion concentration levels.

Distributing ions to clean the air over an area up to 1,500 sq. ft., the IDF-2 is ideally suited for larger indoor spaces like conference rooms, classrooms, healthcare waiting rooms, business offices, and civic building meeting spaces as well as restaurants and retail spaces.

We believe the IDF-2 is your answer for the best in-space ionization solutions to support your indoor air quality objectives.

The Benefits of Innovative NPBI™ Technology

Through GPS’s patented Needle Point Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) technology within the IDF-2, the unit helps to constantly clean indoor air of unwanted pathogens and odors, without producing harmful levels of ozone nor other byproducts. This is accomplished through optimized soft ionization products with the following features:

  • Carbon Fiber Emitters – Maximize ion output across thousands of small radii needlepoints, without the production of ozone (certified UL2998 compliant).
  • Soft Ionization – A lower voltage is able to be applied to the carbon needles to promote soft ionization.
  • Auto Cleaning – Built-in emitter cleaners ensure consistent production of ions with zero maintenance required.

Ionized air renders airborne organisms inactive by putting an electrical charge to the air molecules. These charged air molecules will bind to organisms and disrupt the pathogens’ surface proteins, rendering them inactive and unable to replicate, leaving only clean air. Ionized air can help neutralize odors too.

  • Proven pathogen reduction
  • Optimized ion distribution
  • Minimized noise disruption

Validated Pathogen Reduction

The IDF-2 fan’s proven ability to reduce pathogens of SARS-CoV2 and Influenza A has been shown in independent third-party testing results. (Airborne diseases can be caused by pathogenic microbes suspended in the air on dust particles, respiratory, and water droplets.)

Thanks to the GPS Air’s NPBI™ soft ionization, the UL 2998 compliant IDF-2 fan effectively delivers ions into the room space to clean the air.

SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A reduction charts

For Third-Party test reports, visit *Visit for more information.

  • Provides an even ion distribution when placed in a central location
  • Eliminates physical space disruptions, compared to floor units
  • Features multiple settings to optimize comfort
  • Operates independently from an HVAC system, which provides the opportunity to  install in buildings with poor/no HVAC systems
  • Uses a rotating diffuser to circulate air, adding the benefit of destratification while evenly distributing ions

Quiet Operation. The IDF-2 fan operates at low sound levels, avoiding disruptive noise that may otherwise impact productivity. Unlike typical in-room air cleaners, all IDF-2 modes operate at sound levels within, and in some cases even below, stringent application standards.

**IDF-2 sound levels measured at a distance 2 meters from the product.

Campbell Can Help

The trusted experts at Campbell, Inc. have the knowledge and experience to help with the solutions you need to elevate and maintain the indoor air quality of your building space.

In addition to the GPS IDF-2 ceiling fan approach, Campbell also offers solutions for cleaning the air where it makes the most impact – at the HVAC system. The Global Plasma Solution (GPS) system is an ionization treatment that cleans the air of mold, virus and bacteria. Check out the capabilities of the GPS ionization system here.

To learn more about the IDF-2 NPBI ceiling fan or to schedule installation please contact us.