Campbell, Inc. Announces 2018 Circle of Excellence Awards

Campbell Mechanical Services® is pleased to announce the Circle of Excellence Awards for 2018. This distinction is granted to employees in recognition for their outstanding achievements while serving the company, its customers, and its communities. “Employees who exceed expectations in marketing, human resources, sales, accounting, and operations are nominated by their location’s General Manager,” states Kris Campbell, President and third generation principal of Campbell, Inc. “After careful consideration, 14 individuals were chosen for demonstrating dedication to the Campbell mission of meeting customer needs with proven services and professionalism.”

Circle of Excellence Awards was established by the Linc Service Contractor Management organization which Campbell Inc. is affiliated with. Nominated employees must meet the Linc standards and criteria in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services and are then reviewed by Linc’s Nomination Review Committee before being announced as recipients.

Pictured: Matt Rini, Debra Swanson, Katie Clouse & Zach Clouse, Karis Williams & Josh Williams, Shanna Warner & Phil Warner, Todd Brown & guest, Marty Krueck & Wendy Krueck, Laura Brandt & Carl Brandt, Rob Folger & Sarah Folger, Kris Campbell & Diana Campbell, Keith Campbell & Kathie Campbell, Pete Vavrinek & Linda Vavrinek, and Bob Eaton & Pam Eaton (Not Pictured: Jack Renfer, James Rosen, and Anita Caudill) Congratulations to the winners listed here with their field of specialty:

Officed in Northwood, Ohio, headquarters

  • Laura Brandt, Accounting
  • Karis Williams, Human Resources
  • Shanna Warner, Marketing
  • Todd Brown, Operations-Field
  • Katie Clouse, Operations-Office
  • Marty Krueck, Sales

Office in Cleveland, Ohio

  • Pete Vavrinek, Accounting
  • Jim Rosen, Human Resources
  • Anita Caudill, Operations-Office

Office in Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Matt Rini, Accounting
  • Deb Swanson, Human Resources
  • Nick Zorney, Marketing
  • Rob Folger, Operations-Field
  • Jack Renfer, Operations-Office

About Campbell, Inc.
Since 1968, Campbell, Inc. has been helping building owners and managers with design, engineering, installation, maintenance, and repair solutions for HVAC systems. They also offer all-inclusive plumbing services for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. Their guaranteed maintenance program gives their customers assurance their systems are running at maximum efficiency. They are available 24/7/365 and can be reached at 844-476-HVAC for maintenance support. Campbell, Inc. is a member of Linc Network, LLC and has achieved Linc Service™ status, of which only one in 100 contractors attains this distinction. For more information, visit the Campbell, Inc. website: