Perrysburg Exempted Village School District

The Perrysburg Exempted Village School District in Ohio is made up of six schools with almost 5,000 students enrolled in K-12th grade classes.

Having received an ‘Excellent Rating’ on the Ohio State Report Card for the last 12 years, Perrysburg Exempted Village School District has a tremendous reputation across Ohio. But the school district was in need of critical infrastructure improvements.

The school district turned to ABM to assist with the utilization of Ohio HB264, which allows school districts’ to make energy efficiency improvements to their facilities and use the cost savings to pay for those improvements. Through ABM’s Bundled Energy Solutions program, ABM created a customized solution to provide energy efficient upgrades and facility enhancements to each of the six schools within the district.

The school district has a maintenance agreement with local mechanical service contractor Campbell, Inc., an ABM franchise group member. Campbell teamed up with the local ABM location to provide facility improvements to the district’s school, administration, maintenance, and transportation buildings.


  • Critical infrastructure improvements were needed across the school district
  • Desire to meet key facility needs without increasing taxpayer burden
  • Existing boilers in good working order at some schools were rarely used, while poorly functioning boilers at other schools were in high demand


  • Created a holistic, self-funding solution with no upfront costs and immediate energy and water savings
  • Installed building envelope improvements, lighting enhancements, occupancy sensors, control upgrades, and retro-commissioned HVAC equipment and chillers
  • Reallocated well-performing, under-used equipment to save on replacement costs


  • Provided minimum expected savings of $4.9M in energy and operating costs over a 15-year period
  • Reduced the district’s operating costs without additional taxpayer burden
  • Improved comfort conditions provided a better learning environment

Download Campbell Case Study Perrysburg School PDF